Use your pain as motivation to succeed

By Dr. Winifred Bragg – January 2017

Is there anything that you wanted last year that you did not accomplish?

Was there something that you came close to achieving, but you did not quite make it?

2017 brings a bright new opportunity.  New chances and opportunities to accomplish the goals that you did not quite make in 2016.

I learned from reading about the Alabama-Clemson football game that Clemson used their pain as a motivator to stay focused on their goal of beating the Crimson Tide.

Last year, Clemson lost a heartbreaker to Alabama in college football’s national championship.  For one year, the players dedicated themselves to better conditioning, intensive training, and focused preparation, so that if they faced the Crimson Tide again they would be ready.

And that day did come, on January 9.  The game was a tight one, and Alabama lead most of the way.

The weather was bitterly cold, the fans stood most of the time, and all eyes were on the field.

After 59 minutes and 59 seconds of a 60-minute game, Alabama seemed to be the better team, but with one second left Clemson’s quarterback Deshaun Watson threw a game winning touchdown and Clemson won.

I am an Alabama fan and this loss was painful, but we can all learn from Clemson’s steps to success.

Five secrets to use your pain as MOTIVATION TO SUCCEED:

  1. Prepare, Don’t Pout.  Don’t cry over spilled milk.  Once milk is spilled, all you can do is wipe it up. Griping about it is useless and counterproductive.  Clemson lost a huge game to Alabama in the national championship last year.  They could have rode that disappointment for a long time and let it drain them of all the good in them.  But they didn’t.  They did the opposite.  They dedicated themselves as a team to getting back to the national championship (which is rarely done), and they worked each day to achieve it.  Their pain became their motivator.  They stayed focused on what was in front of them, rather than what was behind them.
  1. Persistence.  You have to be persistent and work your plan.  I’m sure there were times when some of those Clemson players did not want to practice, did not want to condition, and did not want to review videos, plays and games.  But in order to accomplish their future game plan, they had to be persistent…and they were.  It also helped that their coach hung a banner saying “2016 National Finalist”, which reminded them daily of their defeat…and helped with persistence.
  1. Perspiration. You have to work until you sweat.  Work without sweat or intense effort never accomplishes a goal.  You have to put some sweat equity in if you expect your goals to come out. When the Clemson players dedicated themselves to their goal, they knew there would be a lot of sweat equity involved, and they did it.  Are you willing to work hard for your dream?
  1. Poise.  Stay focused and poised in the moment. No matter how much pain you may feel, don’t act out of emotion.  Clemson was getting clobbered in the first quarter this year.  It looked like a slaughter was in the making.  But they stayed poised and focused.  They did not let the moment defeat them. They kept that poise all the way through a brutal game, and in the end, it earned them the National Championship.
  1. Power.  You get power by being Prepared, being Persistent, giving Perspiration equity, and being Poised.

We all face disappointments in life, which means we all feel pain.  Using that pain as a motivator instead of a crutch is the difference between achieving your goals or not.

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