STAY in the Game

By Dr. Winifred Bragg – December 2018

Many have asked me this week, “How on earth did Alabama beat Georgia”?

After all, Georgia led Alabama for most of the SEC championship game last week. However, the Crimson Tide continued to play hard and to remain focused on their goal.

From this game we learn a life lesson on how to achieve a successful outcome when you feel defeated and things are not going your way — the key is to Stay in the Game.

As I reflect on times in my life when I was challenged, I was able to Turn the Tide when I refused to give up.

I challenge you to Stay in the Game and to use these Four Keys to Be Successful:

Study the situation and remain calm to increase the odds of determining what improvements are needed.

Tackle your offenders with the knowledge gained through continuous preparation.

Accept no limitation; don’t give excuses; put the energy in moving forward.

Yearn to learn.

Jalen Hurts’ ability to lead the comeback over the Georgia Bulldogs is an excellent example that it is important to maintain discipline and to continue to focus on self-improvement.

Start this process now for a Successful New Year.

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