Five Secrets to Remain Focused When
Your Back is Against the Wall

By Dr. Winifred Bragg – June 2016

I enjoy watching basketball because we can learn valuable lessons that we can apply to our own lives if we pay attention. During the 2016 NBA finals, it doesn’t matter if your team was the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavaliers; we can learn viable strategies to use when our backs are against the wall. Anyone who watched the NBA finals witnessed how staying focused on your goals can lead to success.
Even if you don’t like basketball this seven game series showcased five vital principles to increase our success:

1. Don’t complain. When the Cavaliers were losing 3 games to one, with the world watching, it would have been easy to complain. It would have been easy to point fingers at the officials or other teammates. However, each player committed to do what they needed to do to win. One starter, Kevin Love went to the coach and volunteered to give up his starting position if it would help the team. He was willing to sacrifice his personal accolades for the big picture. When we are part of a team, we too have to focus on the big picture to be successful.

2. Delete the junk from your mind. When the Cavaliers were down 3 games to one, many people were saying how they couldn’t win. Unfortunately, they had lost the NBA championship just last year to the same team. People were saying, “they are going to lose again” and “they are not good enough”. We have to delete from our minds the junk that we hear just like we delete junk from our computer. When our hard drive is filled with junk, what does it do? It slows down. Junk always keeps us from achieving our goals. When negative people try to influence you, hit the delete button and keep hitting delete delete delete. Stay focused on your goals. Only you can write your story.

3. Don’t let past failures define you. The Cavaliers lost to Golden State last year. However to win, they couldn’t concentrate on the past. Use your past failures as a stepping stone. If you take the time to study why you didn’t succeed last time, you can rework your blueprint for success. LeBron James said he had to review films and determine how he could improve his game. He then discovered what he needed to change. We have to also be willing to make a change to improve. If we cannot accept that we need to make a change, sometimes this paralyzes us and we will not move forward.

4. Don’t be intimidated. Golden State Warriors were the champs. To defeat a champion, you have to possess a champion mentality. Pay attention to details, visualize the goal. LeBron James says he visualized winning. We have to see ourselves accomplishing our goal. Determine what you can do to achieve the results you want.

5. Do your thing. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses and determine how you can be a better you.

These five principles can be applied in our daily lives. Eliminate self-doubt. People who achieve great success don’t allow past failures to define them. We will all make mistakes, but our mistakes don’t define us.

The next time your back is against the wall, try these strategies and you too can be successful.

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