Audience members review Dr. Bragg’s speeches

Below are written and video testimonials from professionals who attended one of Dr. Bragg’s speeches at their organization, university or business.

Dr. Bragg Speaks at  Old Dominion University Leadership Academy

“A great experience for all of us!  Great message and very actionable.”

Dr. Jeff Tanner, Dean, Strome College of Business, Old Dominion University

Dr. Bragg Speaks at Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce

“The Glass: Evolving the Business Woman” event

Jackie Ferree, Associate Dean of Finance and Administration,
Raymond A. Mason School of Business, William & Mary

“Dr. Winifred Bragg is an engaging speaker whose words inspire, motivate, and uplift. She shares wisdom that empowers us to move beyond challenges to be our best for ourselves and those around us so that we can all live better lives.”

Mona J.E. Danner, Ph.D., Professor and Chair
Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice
Old Dominion University

“Truly a message that every person should hear!  Dr. Winifred Bragg, creator of the B.R.A.G.G. Factor, will help you understand how to be a better you, with greater confidence and direction.  She’s affecting others by helping them take control of their life and career with simple, achievable concepts.”

Carrie Vance, Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce workshop participant

“I had the honor and privilege of hearing Dr. Winifred Bragg speak at a conference for women in business. As CEO of a real estate brokerage, I am no stranger to education, training, self-mastery, networking and business strategies. Dr. Bragg brought so much value into one room, captivating the audience with her no-nonsense approach to questioning who you are, who you want to be, and believing in yourself. When you are the best version of yourself, you can give your best to more people and grow to new heights.

“Dr. Bragg helped us create our own ‘Bragg Factor’. Mine is hanging in my office for me to see every day. In the Bragg Factor, Dr. Bragg touches on every part of your being. Through the Bragg Factor, she outlines how to adjust your mindset, your limiting beliefs, and how to become the person you dream to be.

“I especially liked her ‘4 P’s’. I will be teaching this to my agents! ‘People, Passions, Pain, and Purpose’ are the 4 P’s that lead to deep connection and rapport between individuals. We want to make lasting relationships and have memorable moments in life. Hearing Dr. Bragg’s perspective on living your life to the fullest was truly a lasting and memorable moment.”

Cosette Lambourne Woods, CEO/Team Leader, Keller Williams Coastal Virginia

“Dr. Bragg continued to keep the employees intrigued, by having everyone think about their life, their goals, their family, and what they can achieve if they push themselves through the comfort zone most of us live in on a daily basis. Dr. Bragg also shared how important it is, as an employer, to ‘stretch’ the employees. Recognize what the employee’s enjoy and what they are good at, and help them reach their goals. I would highly recommend Dr. Bragg as a speaker at any event. She is FABULOUS!!”

Stephanie BowenMarketing & Community Outreach Coordinator

“I have known Dr. Bragg for a number of years and recently had the opportunity to hear her present one of her many inspiring topics. I found the presentation to be really motivating and it was delivered with humor and with passion.  In addition to leveraging her life experiences, she also had taken the time to get to know the audience in advance. That preparation made the discussion even more impactful.  If you have a chance to hear her present, I encourage you to do so!”

Charity A. VolmanPresident, South Hampton Roads, SunTrust Bank

“So motivational, so inspiring” is how this professional described Dr. Winifred Bragg’s speech in March 2017.  “Many things I can take back to my workplace and use”.  (Click photo for video.)

Elder Valerie Brown, Executive Pastor, Mount Lebanon Baptist Church

“I had the awesome opportunity to hear Dr. Bragg speak on the all too common medical issue of back pain. She explained the causes, treatments and preventions in such a manner that captured everyone’s attention. She even encouraged member participation.  She will again speak for our organization and I will not miss it. Dr. Bragg does such an amazing job with her presentation.”

Jill M. Grier, CPC

“I really appreciate a common sense approach to pain management and the conservative considerations for non-surgical options. Healthcare is a business but taking the time to find the best option for a patient and becoming an advocate seems to be less commonplace.  Thank you Dr. Bragg for reawaking the patient doctor/relationship to impact a patient’s health in a positive way.”

Caroline Taylor, President, Taylor Made Diagnostics

“You were awesome last night. We all really enjoyed it. It’s the first time at a meeting, I didn’t keep watching my watch.”

Mary, Professional Coder

“Positive Message and Energetic speaker.”

Beckie Johnson, CPC, Virginia Beach Obstetrics & Gynecology, PC

“Her talk on self empowerment was ‘Right on time.'”

Regina Jordan Reynolds, Professional Coder, Sentara Healthcare

“It encouraged and motivated me.” (Click photo for video.)


“Dr. Winifred Bragg has a delightful and engaging style in her delivery of information about the non-surgical management of pain. Through excellent slides, her command of the material and her ability to skillfully weave levity into her presentation, this was time very well spent!”

LuAnne K. Lewis, M.D., Jencare



“Dr. Bragg speaks with insight, gained from years of experience in treating thousands of patients, bringing to light much needed information for today’s physician to comprehend in the management of chronic pain. She is a highly engaging speaker, able to educate physicians and help them improve their practice and better understand the non-surgical treatments available for today’s patient with complex issues related to pain.”

Ian Persaud, MD ( Cardiologist), Medical Director of Specialty Care, JenCare Senior Medical Center

“It was refreshing to hear a board certified physician understand the difference between a drug addicted patient and a chronic pain patient. Dr. Bragg puts together the most appropriate plan of treatment. Her presentation was refreshing in this time of so much narcotic abuse.”

Cindy Crumley, RN, CCM, Case Manager, Professional Rehabilitative Options, Inc.

“Dr. Bragg’s educational demonstration was well organized, informative and pertinent to our jobs as adjusters. Her professionalism, knowledge and sincere care for patients is readily apparent.”

Scott Bitzer, Senior Account Claims Representative,  PMA Companies

“Dr. Winifred Bragg is an excellent presenter, bringing not only her technical knowledge of how to maintain healthy bodies, but also her experience as a leader in her field. Whether in a corporate setting or in a workshop/seminar, she can motivate you and your organization to achieve excellence by inspiring everyone to aim for their personal best. I highly recommend booking Dr. Bragg for your next event. You won’t be disappointed. Her delivery is fun, fact filled, and energetic.”

Regina P. Brayboy, Executive Director, Healthy Suffolk

“Dr. Bragg engages the audience. I love her speaking style!!”

Sharlene White, Anthem Blue Cross

“Dr. Bragg was Awesome!! Her sense of humor flowed with the presentation on the BRAGG Factor!!  I had a draining and long week and felt so overwhelmed. Learning about the BRAGG FACTOR put a smile on my face. I will definitely be using that going forward!!”

Shawn Saunders

“Dr. Bragg is very energetic and funny. She had my attention the whole time, which is difficult because I have ADD.”

Kay G.

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