Dr. Winifred Bragg is a nationally recognized speaker on the topics of success and leadership mastery, and the author of the upcoming book Anatomy of Success.

Dr. Bragg has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. She’s been published in Redbook, Woman’s World and Self Magazine, and her online articles have had tens of thousands of views.

Winifred has been referred to as a “true gem.” Her unique magnetism coupled with her deep, soulful messages; her dynamic presence and her ability to transform those who have the privilege of experiencing one of her keynotes, breakouts or programs makes for an unforgettable event.

Although Bragg’s keynotes, breakouts and programs are particularly geared to address the topics of success and leadership mastery for university students, graduating seniors, corporate leaders and both women’s groups and female leaders, Dr. Bragg, on numerous occasions, has adapted her message to general audiences of all ages. Winifred has the unique ability to adjust any of her existing keynotes, breakouts or programs to suit the needs of any event.

To book Dr. Winifred Bragg or to obtain more information, contact her office at (757) 567-2467 or by email.